Executive Board of Directors

Bishop James Kirksey M.Ed. 

Steve Bentley

Bishop Jeffrey Larson D.Min

Overseeing Operations

College of Bishops

Bishop James Kirksey M.Ed.

Bishop Jeffrey Larson D.Min

Bishop Tobias Green B.A. Religion

Bishop Elect Joe Biaty M.B.A.

Bishop Rain Onuigbo B.S.

District Overseers

Pastor Victor Donkor Ghana

Pastor Edgard Bonilla Nicaragua

Pastor Vindod Abraham India

Pastor Richard Nyongesa Kenya

(Vacant) Liberia

Ordained Pastors/Elders

Pastor Cubert Young

Pastor Micki Bentley

Pastor Felecia Wesley

Pastor Morris F. Dunoh

Elder Caroline Mooney

Elder Tina Obiefuna

Elder Princess Amara Cephas

Elder Rudolph Gray

Licensed Evangelist/Ministers

Pete Mead (Evangelist GA)

Rayane Silva (Missions Brazil)

Deepika (Missions India)

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop

Rayane Silva

A. Our Mission

The supreme mission of the ministry, and so also of every individual believer, is to glorify God and to serve Him forever (Eph. 3:21; Rom. 11:36; 1 Pet. 4:11). Therefore, if what we do as a ministry, or as individuals, cannot serve the glory of God, it should not be done.

B. Our Goals

Our goals are to serve God and bring glory to Him. Certain God-ordained goals are established in Scripture for the ministry. These are basically set forth in the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20).

1. Equipping Believers

Equipping the saints unto the work of the ministry in all its aspects along with their spiritual maturity in the Lord is the second great goal of this ministry (Eph. 4:12-16; Col. 1:28-29).

2. Evangelization of the Lost

Reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, both at home and abroad, is to be one of the goals of this ministry (Rom. 1:14-16; 1 Thess. 1:8; Acts 1:8).

C. Our Objectives
1. Internal Objectives and Functions

a. Instruction in the Word of God—Teaching:  To stand for the historic, fundamen­tal truths of Scripture, and through Scripture, to equip the saints for service, and for the building up of the body of Christ for unity, knowledge of the Son of God, and maturity, measured by the stature of the fullness of Christ, and for protection against the deceitful scheming of Satan (Eph. 4:12-16).

b. Fellowship:  To encourage and provide for means of developing meaningful relationships among believers (expressions of sharing and caring for, and loving one another, warning, stimulating, and encouraging one another to love and good deeds (Heb. 10:24-25; 13:1-2; Acts 2:42-47).

c. Worship:  To provide the means for developing and expressing meaningful worship in prayer, songs of praise, adoration, admonishment, singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord, and to administer the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's supper (Heb. 13:15; Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16; 1 Cor. 11:23-34; Matt. 28:19; Acts 2:42).

d. Ministry:  To provide the means for developing and exercising spiritual gifts for the edification of the body and the evangelization of the lost (Rom. 12:3-8; I Pet. 4:10-11).

2. External Objectives and Functions

a. Outreach:  To present the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never trusted in Jesus Christ as their Savior, and to encourage them to trust in Him (Matt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:8; 1 Thess. 1:2-10).

b. Holy Behavior:  To live holy lives in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation acting as salt and as lights in the world (Phil. 2:15; Matt. 5:13-14;  1 Pet. 2:11-15; Col. 4:5).

c. Showing Mercy:  To do good to all men whenever there is the opportunity and the means to do so within biblical principles and precepts (Gal. 6:10; Luke 10:29-37).

Our mission, goals and objectives set forth our philosophy of the ministry and its ministries. This, in turn, must form the foundation for our thinking and activities as a body of people. It directs us in what we ought to be doing. Anything which does not contribute to this philosophy of our mission, goals and objectives should then be either corrected, rejected or alleviated from the activities of the ministry. 

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The Revelation International Ministries was established and founded in 2006 by our Founder/President Bishop James Kirksey, Steve Bentley Vice President, & Dexter Cox Secretary/Treasurer.